5 Strand

Westminster City Council estimates that 70% of the emissions in its area come from commercial and institutional buildings, by far the largest proportion of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, and it needs to work with property owners and occupiers to drive them down.

So, in late 2022, the Council launched a Sustainable City Charter in collaboration with industry and business leaders to create a common framework for decarbonising and driving the sustainability of Westminster’s buildings.

Covering themes such as energy, procurement, transportation and waste, the Charter seeks to promote knowledge sharing, collaboration, and transparency on climate action amongst progressive organisations as well as SMEs.

Whitbread has joined 60 organisations in becoming a signatory to the Charter.  We have done so as we have an established network of seven trading Premier Inn and hub by Premier Inn hotels in Westminster and firm corporate commitments to achieve net zero (for the emissions we directly generate – scope 1 and 2) by 2040. 

We also have new Premier Inn and hub by Premier Inn hotels under development and in planning in the Borough including at 5 Strand.

In supporting the Charter we will be part of a network of progressive organisations leading the way on climate and sustainability across Westminster, with the opportunity to provide a hotelier’s perspective on the development of the Charter as it evolves.

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