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Let me tell you about hub by Premier Inn

The hub by Premier Inn brand was designed to provide affordable, high-quality, well-managed accommodation in the most central locations like 5 Strand.

In fact, the brand was born a few hundred metres from 5 Strand at St Martins Lane in Covent Garden in 2014.

Developed in close consultation with Premier Inn guests, the hub by Premier Inn brand offers the same standard of stay as Premier Inn but in a more space-efficient bedroom design.

The brand also features a modern Lounge-style food and beverage area.

Modern, compact design done well

There are three bedrooms to choose from at hub by Premier Inn – standard, bigger and universally accessible bedrooms. The standard hub by Premier Inn bedroom is roughly half the size of a Premier Inn room.
hub by Premier Inn hotels have achieved very positive guest satisfaction and Trip Advisor scores since launching in 2014, with leisure and business customers valuing the central locations and the reliably high standards of the brand. 

As with Premier Inn, all hub by Premier Inn bedrooms are sold directly via premierinn.com and are operated to the same high standards that Premier Inn hotels are known for.

We’re Proud to be in Westminster

And we’re continuing to invest here

We have had a presence in Westminster since 2009 and our teams currently operate seven Premier Inn and hub by Premier Inn hotels across the borough.

Two new large Premier Inn and hub by Premier Inn hotels are also under construction in the Paddington and Marylebone areas of Westminster and are due to open from late 2023 onwards.

As a business, we are continuing to invest in Westminster as Central London continues to be an extremely popular destination for our business and leisure guests.

Our hub by Premier Inn hotels in particular are located in vibrant, interesting parts of the city and close to public transport connections, leisure attractions and business hubs – exactly what 5 Strand offers.


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Our guests help make the city

hub by Premier Inn hotels are designed to provide a gateway to the city. The offer is deliberately light-touch and our guests are not expected to eat or drink in the hotel during their stay, though the Bar + Block will be ready to welcome them if they choose to.

What this means is that many of our guests go out to eat, drink, explore, visit attractions, shop, do business and generally make the most of the local area when they stay with the brand, spending money locally and supporting established businesses.

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